Services to meet your business needs

CoAct offers a collaborative partnership model with CoAct serving as your network manager to provide leadership in the delivery of consistent, quality services.

Services to meet your business needs

As a valued Service Partner, you will be:

  • Well-supported
  • Able to focus on local delivery
  • Able to help your community in the best way possible

Performance and strategy

  • Targeted strategies and initiatives
  • Expert performance and strategy specialists
  • Business intelligence analysts
  • Proactive performance reporting
  • Shared knowledge
  • Reduced overhead costs

Service approach and design

  • Full consultation
  • Market-leader positioning
  • Maximised performance and profitability
  • Dedicated project team
  •  Reduced overhead costs

Quality and assurance

  • Trust with funders
  • Management and co-ordination of accreditation
  • Consistent, accountable service delivery
  • Contract advice, coordination and administration
  • Reduced overhead costs

Learning and development

  • Comprehensive training materials
  • CoAct Academy
  • Learning Management System
  • Consistent service delivery and speed to market
  • Reduced overhead costs

Account management

  • Dedicated account management
  • An influential voice in high places
  • Reduced overhead costs

Centralised claims management

  • Maximised opportunities
  • Minimised business risk
  • Efficiency gains
  • Effective claims management
  • Staff development
  • Greater funder assurance
  • Reduced overhead costs

Centralised retention and support

  • Best practice retention management
  • Early intervention support
  • Efficiency gains and reduced overhead costs

Employer acquisition and service

  • Access to national and multi-regional employers
  • On-site recruitment solutions
  • Shared relationships and data
  • Consistent, effective marketing

Customer acquisition

  • Targeted strategies and initiatives
  • Shared knowledge
  • Efficiency gains and reduced overhead costs

Technology, data and reporting

  •  Best-in-class reporting
  •  Paperless environment
  •  Efficiency gains and reduced overhead costs

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