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CoAct is a national leader in quality employment services that connect employers to job-ready candidates Australia-wide. We specialise in placing people with disability into meaningful work, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the long-term unemployed, parents, mature-age workers, youth, people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and other disadvantaged groups.

We all play a part in driving diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and it’s good for everyone.

  • Increased talent pool
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Higher staff retention
  • Better reputation

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What is diversity in employment?

Many successful companies regard diversity and inclusion as a source of competitive advantage. For some, it's a matter of social justice, corporate social responsibility, or even regulatory compliance. For others, it's essential to their growth strategy.

What is diversity in business?

Diversity is the mix of people in your business. Diversity refers to all the ways in which we differ, including  Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander background, age, gender, and education.

What is inclusion in business?

Inclusion is getting this mix to work. Inclusion occurs when a diversity of people are respected, connected, progressing and contributing to organisational success.


Organisations have been talking about diverse workforces since the 1960s, yet the rate of change has been glacial. For example, the employment rate for people with disabilities is about 53%, compared to about 80% for those without disability. Those rates have not moved for 20 years. Many other disadvantaged groups also struggle with connecting with employment opportunities. On the flipside, organisations face growing labour shortages and the need for diverse workforces. Visit for more information on diversity and inclusion in business.

Looking ahead

We want to better connect the two groups to improve employment opportunities for those who need it most while unlocking business benefits of workplace diversity and inclusion for organisations. Make an enquiry.

The business benefits

Organisations with a reputation of being diverse and inclusive are not only more lucrative in finding new customers and increasing their market share but they are also more successful in recruiting and retaining talent.

Diverse workforces are good at reducing groupthink and coming up with alternative solutions based on their differing insights. Inclusive organisations are in a better position to take advantage of this creative potential as employees feel safe enough to express their views and propose new ideas.

Increased talent pool

One in four Australians of working age live with disability, that’s over four million people. Opening up your recruitment to include people with disability significantly increases the number of candidates, improving your chances of finding the best fit.

Higher employee engagement

The Diversity Council of Australia reports that employees in inclusive organisations are:

  • three times more likely to work extra hard and be highly effective
  • three times more likely to provide excellent customer service.

Employee satisfaction

Staff working in an inclusive organisation are:

• five times more likely to be satisfied with their job
• three times less likely to leave their employer.

Higher staff retention

Inclusive workplaces have lower rates of employee turnover, with employees reporting higher morale. That’s less money spent on recruitment and training.

Better reputation

A diverse workforce can boost your brand. Studies have shown that customers and employees are much more loyal to organisations that show a commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Inclusive recruitment

CoAct can help make your recruitment process more inclusive.

CoAct can help your organisation implement an inclusive recruitment process and help build diversity in your business.

We can help you implement inclusive recruitment best practices:

  • Training and education to help your team identify and address bias in hiring decisions.
  • Help with job postings and advertisements.
  • Advice on diverse sourcing strategies to expand your candidate pool.
  • Advice on your recruitment screening processes and candidate evaluation.

Hiring people with disability

We work with job seekers who are living with a mental health condition, treated illness, injury or disability.

CoAct can help your organisation not only exceed your business goals but make a positive impact on the lives of talented individuals with disabilities. Learn about the benefits of recruiting and supporting staff living with disability.

How CoAct can help your business

  • Advice on accessing wage subsidies
  • Advice on accessing the Employment Assistance Fund
  • Information about Payroll Tax Exemptions (NSW only)
  • Free recruitment and workforce planning services
  • Ongoing support to retain staff
  • On-the-job training and diversity education
  • Advice on workplace modifications and assistive technology
  • Advice on accessing the Employment Assistance Fund
  • Assistance to put together return-to-work plans after illness or injury

Creative opportunities via job carving

We utilise ‘job carving’ to help you design - or redesign - roles within your business in order to accommodate the unique abilities of a candidate.

Job carving ensures that positions are tailored to the skillset of the employees you onboard, and has been shown to contribute to a better workplace culture and improve staff retention.

Incorporating this strategy allows you to build a highly skilled team, with roles customised in a way that maximises the contribution of each and every staff member, ensuring that employees fit perfectly into your organisation.

We work with individuals who have a range of available skillsets and experiences in industries including:

• Retail
• Hospitality
• Cleaning and Maintenance Services
• Healthcare
• Transportation Manufacturing and Production
• Administration
• Construction and Trades
• Customer Service

Access funding

We’ll help you navigate the funding and training opportunities available for your organisation.


The national hub for all things on disability employment including an employer toolkit, information downloads and stories.

Wage Subsidy Scheme

Up to $1,650 for eligible employers when employing a jobseeker registered with Disability Employment Services.

Wage Start

Up to $6,000 for businesses employing a long-term unemployed jobseeker in a new job for a minimum of 15 hours a week.

Restart Wage Subsidy

Up to $10,000 for qualifying businesses employing eligible jobseekers aged 50 or over.

Employment Assistance Fund

Financial help for eligible employers and jobseekers to buy work-related modifications and services.

Work Assist

Solutions and funding to support employees with a verified disability or medical condition to return to or stay in work.

Recruitment case studies

Explore the inspiring stories of job seekers connecting to employment.

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Employer testimonials

"We made contact with CoAct / Interact Australia and they gave us a few options. Tom's amazing! He fits in so well."
Chris, Aurora Energy
"Lynne came in for an interview and we worked out that she's been unemployed for more than 30 years. So, we started off slowly. She started to get more confident and now she works the same hours as everybody else. "
Bernadette, Aunty Bea’s Designs
"It's been so easy with CoAct / Interact Australia. The benefit of it is so much larger than the small amount of effort that organisations need to put in place."
Chris, Aurora Energy
“I wouldn’t have considered working with people with disability before because it felt like it was too hard. Having had the first few candidates being such successful employees, I’ve really changed my mind. In the future, I’ll be making sure any workplace I’m in is an inclusive one for people with disability."
Priya, Pizza Hut franchisee

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Acknowledgement of First Nations Peoples

CoAct acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of Country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay our respects to the peoples, the Cultures and the Elders past, present and emerging.

Diversity and inclusion

CoAct is committed to embracing diversity and inclusion by providing an inclusive service and work environment. We welcome everyone, irrespective of age, sex, gender, sexuality, culture, religion, size and ability.


We are committed to ensuring accessibility for people with disability. This includes digitally, in the workplace, and on the path to work. Online we continue to improve the user experience for every visitor by applying and upholding accessibility standards.
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