Refer your employees to CoAct employment services for extra job support through Work Assist.

If your employee is having difficulties fulfilling the essential requirements of their job, CoAct can help

Help your staff stay in their job. Learn about referring to CoAct and the Work Assist program.

If your employee is having difficulty fulfilling their role due to injury, disability or health condition (including anxiety and depression) we can offer tailored support to help them maintain employment through the Work Assist program.

The support available to employees can include: 

  • Advice about redesigning their job so they can keep working.
  • Workplace assessments to identify any necessary modifications or adjustments to the job or workplace. 
  • Mental health support to help them with issues such as depression, anxiety or stress-related conditions. 
  • Access to allied health Interventions such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pain management or psychological counseling.
  • Ongoing support and mentoring to help employees succeed in their roles. 

This support is provided via the Work Assist program at no cost to the employee or employer.

Who can benefit from the Work Assist program?

  • Employees with physical injuries, such as neck or back injuries.
  • Employees with illness, such as cancer, or other debilitating disease.
  • Employees with chronic illness, such as MS, arthritis or diabetes.
  • Employees with mental illness, such as anxiety or depression.
  • Employees with disability, including visual or hearing impairments.

Not sure if your employee is eligible for this program? Contact our team.

Support your staff through Work Assist

Workplace assessment

Our qualified team will conduct a workplace assessment to see how your staff member is performing in their job, what barriers to employment they are currently experiencing and what supports they may need to continue working.

Advice about job redesign

We can advise you and your employee on appropriate job redesign so they can keep working. This process may include analysing and customising elements of a role such as hours of work, location of work, duties and responsibilities, work expectations and key performance indicators.

Workplace modifications or special equipment

We can recommend appropriate tools, equipment or technological aids to ensure your staff member can keep working. Our team can also advise on eligibility for funding for workplace modifications or specialised equipment from the government’s Employment Assistance Fund.

Allied health interventions

We can help your staff access allied health and specialist interventions such as physiotherapy, occcupational therapy, pain management and counselling sessions.

Team learning sessions

Where appropriate, we can run team learning sessions for management and team mates to help build an encouraging and understanding work environment.

Ongoing support

We offer continuous, specialised employment support for as long as your employee needs, with a minimum commitment of 12 months.

Who is eligible for Work Assist?

Your staff may be eligible for Work Assist if they are:
  • having difficulty at work or at risk of losing your job due to a diagnosed disability, injury or health condition.  
  • currently employed, working at least 8 hours a week for the last 13 consecutive weeks.
  • an Australian resident or temporary protection visa holder.
  • not studying full-time.
  • between 14 and 67 years of age.

Make a referral to Work Assist

Step 1 Permission
Speak with your employee and obtain their permission to refer them to CoAct employment services.
Step 2 Refer
Complete the referral form or call 1800 226 228 to chat with our referral team.
Step 3 Contact
Our team will contact your employee to discuss the support they need and confirm their eligibility.
Step 4 Support
CoAct will support your employees to maintain their employment.

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Referring to CoAct is easy. Refer an individual to us (with their consent) or call 1800 226 228 and chat to us about the best approach to help their situation.



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