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We understand that the ability to attract and retain employee talent is vital for business success.

CoAct Service Partners have a pool of over 30,000 willing candidates located all across Australia.
We specialise in helping employers build an inclusive and diverse workforce with solutions and support tailored to your needs so that you can find the right staff sooner.

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CoAct is a leading national partnership of for-purpose Service Partners working together to provide effective staffing solutions that help businesses grow and stay in their communities. With over 20 years’ experience, we can help you find the right fit sooner because we have more people working to help you.
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What are employment services?
Employment services are government-funded services designed to help you build a strong workforce. As a leading national partnership of for-purpose Service Partners, CoAct specialises in finding, recruiting, training, mentoring and supporting Australians who are looking to find and keep work.
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Our proven track record

CoAct is committed to providing value to employers by helping you find the right talent for your business through end-to-end recruitment services at no cost to you. Read our case studies to see our proven track record and the difference we are making for employers and job seekers across Australia.

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The CoAct difference

CoAct’s employer services are built around one core principle – that every business is totally unique. Our services are customised to you and for you – and are an integral part of the CoAct way.


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Successful workforce solutions for employers across Australia

CoAct is committed to helping find the right employees at no cost to their business as well as support job seekers across Australia in their search for work. We work with all industry sectors and business sizes throughout regional and metropolitan Australia, with effective services for:

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At CoAct, we understand that every organisation is different, so we work in partnership with you to deliver flexible and efficient workforce solutions.


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