DSP recipient employment services

If you’re currently receiving the Disability Support Pension (DSP), we can help you find and keep a job.

Employment services for job seekers on the Disability Support Pension (DSP)

If you’re a Disability Support Pension recipient, we can help you find and keep a job without you losing the DSP.

CoAct helps people receiving the Disability Support Pension (DSP) to find meaningful work they can genuinely enjoy while living with disability, illness, or injury.

Earning on the DSP

Did you know that you can work part-time and still receive the Disability Support Pension (DSP)? If you get DSP, you can have paid work up to 29 hours a week. You can do this without losing your DSP payment provided you meet the income test. Full details on the current DSP rules can be found on Services Australia.

CoAct can help you get work-ready and find a job that suits your individual needs. Our employment team at CoAct can help you: 

  • Build confidence and motivation to start your job search.
  • Help with writing your resume and preparing for job interviews.
  • Get the training and qualifications you need.
  • Connect with local employers who understand your needs.
  • Apply for suitable jobs in your local community.

Unsure if you qualify or want to chat about your personal circumstances? Register your interest or speak with our team at 1800 226 228. Let’s make your employment journey a success together!  

About Disability Employment Services (DES)

If you’re looking for work and living with disability, mental health condition, treated illness or injury, we can help.

How we help you achieve your employment goals

Disability Employment Services (also known as DES) helps people living with disability, mental health conditions, treated illness or injury find work and stay employed. It’s a government program and we’re one of Australia’s leading DES providers.  

Am I eligible for Disability Employment Services?

Each of our programs has different eligibility criteria. You may be eligible for Disability Employment Services (DES) if you are:
  • living with a disability, mental health condition, treated illness or injury that makes it difficult to find and keep a job. This includes living with anxiety or depression, neurodivergence including ADHD and autism, a physical or intellectual disability, learning difficulties, visual or hearing impairment.
  • an Australian citizen or hold a permanent resident, or on a Temporary Protection, Special Category or Safe Haven Visa.
  • aged between 14 and 67.
  • able to work at least 8 hours per week and no more than 30. 
  • are receiving an income support payment.

Get started with CoAct

Step 1
Complete our easy form or call 1800 226 228 and we’ll get back to you within 24 hrs.
Step 2
Meet with our team. We’ll unpack your goals, skills and health condition, and identify the support you need.
Step 3
We’re with you every step of your journey to work, building your skills and confidence to find the right job for you.
Step 4
Our team will provide ongoing support once you are in work.

How much can I earn while receiving the full disability support pension (DSP)?

For a single person,  you can earn up to $204 a fortnight from paid work and continue to receive your full DSP. For a couple living together or apart due to ill health, you can earn up to $360 in combined income per fortnight and continue to receive your full DSP. 

For more on DSP income test visit Services Australia. 

How much is my DSP reduced by if I work and earn over the income rules?

If you are single and earn more than $204 a fortnight through paid work, your DSP payment is reduced by 50 cents for every dollar you earn over $204. For couples living together or apart due to ill health, your DSP payment is reduced by 50 cents for every dollar your combined fortnightly income exceeds $360. 

For more on DSP income test visit Services Australia. 

Working more than 30 hours on DSP

Your DSP will reduce to zero for every week you work over 30 hours. If you continuously work over 30 hours a week, your DSP will be suspended. 

However, the payment is held open for up to two years in case you need to access it again. You can contact Services Australia if this happens and tell them about your change in employment. Your payments will then start again. 

If you lose your DSP because you’re continuously working more than 30 hours a week, you may be able to use your Concession Card for up to two years after your DSP payments stop. 

You can learn more about the DSP rules on the Services Australia website or speak with our team on 1800 226 228.

Real Story: Sam finds purpose preparing for a job while on the DSP

When Sam* first visited CoAct service partner, Interact Australia, he was keen to find work but with no employment history, work experience or career goals he was unsure about how to go about it.

As the recipient of a Disability Support Pension there were no compulsory requirements for Sam to work, but he felt that finding a job would make a difference to his quality of life.

“Sam’s Mum Jenny is thrilled to see the progress Sam has made as he becomes ready to enter the workforce”. Lisa – DES Employment Consultant, Interact Australia

Read Sam’s story here.

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