When Lachlan came to IMPACT for help finding work, he was just 15 years old, and had been living away from his family since he was 13. After leaving school in grade 8, Lachlan had already been unemployed for 18 months. In spite of his unusual circumstances, the IMPACT team saw Lachlan’s potential and were determined to see him find success.


Transitioning to work through mentoring

Lachlan was enrolled in the Transition to Work program, where he was eligible to receive mentoring through The Skills for Education and Employment program (SEE). The SEE program provides face-to-face language, literacy and numeracy training so that job seekers are better able to navigate the workforce.


Since Lachlan was too young to have a driver’s license, the team also supported him by driving him around town so that he was able to drop off his resumes to potential employers, and they provided financial assistance so that he was able to purchase work clothing.


Lachlan gets an apprenticeship

When Lachlan came to IMPACT, he already knew what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to become a mechanic and for five months he had been volunteering his time at a local mechanic in order to gain experience in the industry. Thanks to the resumes he dropped off around town, Lachlan was offered a Mechanical Apprenticeship by a local employer.


Lachlan is extremely happy with the help he received from IMPACT, and is thrilled to be working toward his dream of becoming a mechanic. He is currently laser-focused on finishing his apprenticeship and, when the time is right, has plans to get his driver’s licence. Lachlan’s employer is thrilled with his level of motivation and is confident that he is going to make a great mechanic someday.


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