Emily wasn’t getting the support she needed from her previous employment services provider, so when she met an IMPACT mentor at an Employability Skills Training day, she was inspired to find an employment services provider that would listen to her needs and help her get on the right path.


Emily gets proactive

At her initial appointment with IMPACT in Bundaberg, Emily discussed her desires to work in hospitality, and in particular how she wanted to become a barista. Impressed with Emily’s positive attitude, her employment consultant highlighted the possibility of doing an internship at a local cafe as a way to get her foot in the door in the industry.

Emily agreed that an internship sounded like a great opportunity to gain some skills and make some connections, so the IMPACT team approached Judy from Nourish, a local cafe in the area known for supporting young people looking for work. Judy was impressed with Emily and agreed to give her an internship at the cafe.


From internship to employment

After just a few weeks, Judy was so impressed with Emily’s work ethic that the internship was ended early and Emily was offered a casual job working in the café! Judy says Emily is doing extremely well in her new role, and “is such a great asset to our business”.She has already moved away from making coffee and is now learning food-prep and cooking, which she absolutely loves.”


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