When Allen first contacted Community Solutions for help finding work, his confidence had been shaken. After working for 25 years with the same company, only to be made redundant, he felt ill-equipped to deal with the job market. He was worried his age would be a factor in his ability to be seriously considered by new employers, and wasn’t sure how to market himself in the best light.


Age is a bonus, not a weakness!

The Community Solutions team could see that Allen was a loyal and committed employee and were keen to help him find a new position. They set to work giving Allen the coaching and counselling he needed to regain his confidence, helped him renew his resume, assisted him with purchasing new work clothing, and started marketing him to some employers.

Allen had previously worked in customer service in a bakery – and loved it – so when a position opened up at a bakery on the Sunshine Coast they knew he’d be a perfect fit. Thanks to his refreshed resume, Allen was able to get the attention of the hiring personnel and secured an interview right away.


Loyalty wins Allen the gig

The manager at the bakery was so impressed with Allen’s experience and loyalty that he was immediately hired. Allen is now working full-time at the bakery and is thrilled to have found a job in the industry he is so passionate about.

“I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of the team at Community Solutions.”

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