Jason faced many transport barriers but with the help of Recruitment Specialist Lena and Mentor Kasey he’s overcome transport barriers, lack of identification and lack of employment opportunities to land a potentially life changing opportunity.

Five Bridges have supported Jason throughout this entire Journey, from ensuring his Go card is topped up each week, to obtaining quotes for mechanical breakdowns.

The team have watched him evolve from someone who was long term unemployed and a little nervous to start work again, to being ready to take on the world, with a great course that Lena sourced for him.

Jason undertook an 8-week security course in Community – Jinndi Mibunn and with a talented team in place behind him Jason has been identified as a “natural leader who’s thriving.”

The best news, on the 11th of August Jason graduated from the security course and upon completion was offered full-time Employment.

Congratulations Jason, we’re equally proud of you and your story is proof that with the right support and people who genuinely believe in you and champion your dreams, anything is possible.

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