Panisara (aka Candy) believed she would be unable to find work due to her age and MS symptoms, but as it turns out, nothing could stop her from working towards her goals and coming back stronger than ever.

Candy completed a certificate in accounting and hopes to secure a job as a bookkeeper – but until she gets there Candy has made the decision to work in a stopgap but suitable and sustainable role that allows her to support herself.

“Candy is such an inspiration,” says her Recruitment Partner, “She lives alone, and her family is in Thailand. She was diagnosed in 2016 and believes her diagnosis should not hold her back from living her life.”

Candy has spent a lot of time in hospital recovering and she’s the kind of person who never wanted to be a burden on anyone. She believes that if she’s working it adds value to her life.

To support her in achieving her employment goals MS Queensland’s Employment Support Service provided Candy with career counselling which boosted her confidence as she responded so well to the team simply just showing faith in her.

Candy’s Recruitment Partner also provided emotional support when she felt low, helped her to design and write an updated and professional resume, and advised her on setting out a career path.

Once these steps were complete the team conducted local job market research and worked with Candy to shortlist the jobs she wanted to apply for. MS Queensland actively engaged in reverse marketing, cold calling different employers to help secure a job for Candy, assisting her with applying for those jobs, and putting her in the best possible position for success.

“The most noticeable personal growth I have seen in Candy is the spike in her self-esteem,” says her Recruitment Partner. “She is happy as she is more financially independent, and I know Candy feels as though it has charged her life.”

Today you’ll find Candy living a full life. She’s gaining recognition from her employers, bonding with her colleagues, managing her health through exercise, getting a better understanding of her body’s abilities, and allowing herself to take a well-deserved break when life gets too much for her.

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