Ethon’s story includes chapters where he struggled with alcohol and substance abuse. Since June 30 this year he’s been committed to working hard to get clean, get back on track, and get a new job to support these goals.

The BUSY At Work team in Gympie pulled together and helped Ethon through getting clean, recovery, and mindset and behavioural techniques through a progress payment-funded ‘Making Friends With Anxiety’ workshop, for a holistic approach to mentoring Ethon’s pathway to employment as he begins this next chapter of his life.

Ethon’s hard work paid off and within a few months he was referred to local employer to Superior Wood by his recruitment partner, and in the running for an interview – with one important factor: the position required a clean drug test.

With his detox complete Ethon’s team helped him to access the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) to cover the cost of his pre-employment physical and drug and alcohol test. They had complete faith in his ability to pass – and they were right.

Ethon was then successful at his interview, and started his new job August 7th.

But our support for people looking for work doesn’t end when they find it. BUSY At Work also gave Ethon a fuel voucher to support him in retaining and sustaining this employment.

Ethon believes he couldn’t be where he is now without the guidance, empowerment, and support of his team saying, “They did everything from putting me forward for the job, to helping me write my resume and complete any paperwork or communications I needed for training or getting started,”

Next up, the BUSY At Work team will be continuing to build on their relationship with Ethon, and supporting him in getting his forklift license.

Well done Ethon, you’re an inspiration and living proof for people who might be struggling with their own challenges that if you keep pushing forward you can be in a completely different place this time next year.

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