Jay is an Interact customer who receives Disability Employment Services support. When he started looking for work, his Recruitment Partner Philip met with him fortnightly, or as often as he needed to, to provide moral support and encouragement.

Throughout his job search Jay impressed Philip by demonstrating due diligence in persistently pursuing various interviews and completing multiple stages throughout those processes, including group interviews and assessments.

When he finally received an offer securing the job, Jay then faced the prospect of making the huge move interstate to Canberra. This meant finding a rental for accommodation, as well as the multiple new health care professionals needed for him to continue receiving the support he needs to live, work and thrive.

Philip was able to assist with contacting real estate agencies to research accommodation possibilities in preparation for Jay’s move to Canberra.

Philip has always been genuinely impressed with Jay’s amazing ‘can do’ attitude and throughout the process of accepting this job and relocating he also notes that “his confidence has grown as he has seen the positive results of persistently applying himself, especially during the application process.”

For example, Jay was required to attend a Digital Assessment Centre by video conference for several sessions over a period of months for a Welcome and Introduction session, a Group Activity session, a Written Activity session and a Candidate Q&A session.

“While he felt the weighty responsibility of working through these long-drawn-out separate stages of the application process, Jay remained focused on his goal to do his best,” says Philip.

Jay had completed a Bachelor of Media at the University of Tasmania, graduating in 2021 and with this role he was accepted for a government graduate program in Canberra, commencing employment in February 2023 and still going strong today.

Jay says of his job search experience with Interact:

“Philip’s enthusiasm motivated me to keep applying for jobs even when I faced countless rejections. When I finally got the confirmation of employment, Philip was just as excited as me. It felt wonderful to have someone constantly in my corner, giving me encouragement and supporting me through the process.”

Philip believes Jay has shown that “with a positive attitude, determination and the right support it is possible to achieve extraordinary goals while living with a disability.”

Congratulations Jay, we’re also incredibly impressed with your achievements and cheering you on to greater career goals now that you’re on your way, well done.

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