Interact gave Travis a roadmap to a career path in the automotive industry

30 October 2023

Interact gave Travis a roadmap to a career path in the automotive industry

Interact customer Travis was working at a job that didn’t fit with his needs as a person living with ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome – he was also being underpaid.

Thanks to the help of Interact recruitment partner Michelle, Travis now works in a role that he genuinely enjoys – and he’s now being paid an appropriate wage that’s well above what he was previously earning.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD, is a chronic condition that often begins in childhood. It includes attention difficulty and hyperactivity and can contribute to low self-esteem and difficulty with school, work and relationships.

Asperger’s is a developmental disability that’s now officially referred to as a high-functioning form of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) (although some people prefer this term). Every person with ASD is an individual with a unique experience of living with ASD. Some show repetitive behaviours and experience difficulties with communication and social interaction, and some are considered to have good cognitive and language skills.

For Travis this can mean challenges with communication, relating to people, and navigating social settings. Interact recruitment partner Michelle says,

I was able to figure out that Travis was potentially being underpaid and taken advantage of by his previous employer. I was then able to guide him through finding out exactly what it is he wants to do, and working together towards that goal by marketing him to local employers in the automotive industry.

Travis says, “They help me through all the tough parts of finding a job and with funding for work clothes.”

Since Travis started his new job Michelle has seen him become “happier and more vibrant” and she believes it’s because he’s finally doing something he likes, and feeling supported in his new role, “not only by me, but by the people he works with too.”

Travis agrees saying, “I love delivery driving because I get to drive point to point, and I love driving anyway so it doesn’t really feel like work.

“Everyone is really nice and friendly, I can ask my boss anything and she’s pretty quick to help – and it feels good getting a decent paycheck”.

Michelle is new in the role and looks forward to building on the community connections she made while marketing and placing Travis. The highlight for her has been, “getting to know Travis and seeing him grow from being timid and unsure to confident in his ability at work.”

His advice to people in a similar situation working up the courage to find job is simply, “If you are good at doing something in your own particular way keep doing it that way, there’s no reason to change who you are when you’re not hurting anyone.”

Well done Travis, we look forward to seeing where this drive takes you in the automotive industry, especially with Interact there to support you along the way.

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