Jason had been employed as a long-term full-time carer when his client sadly passed away. That job was a great fit for Jason as it suited his outgoing, friendly personality.

“Jason is a go-getter and super proud of his son,” says Interact recruitment partner Kimberly, “but he suffered a previous shoulder and upper arm injury which means he can no longer take on repetitive physical labour.”

The team at Interact worked together to support Jason with transitioning back into full-time work by supplying him with the right workwear, and fuel vouchers to assist financially with his travel expenses.

Jason’s journey to employment began with an initial appointment at Interact a few months ago and has now taken him to full-time employment in a recently secured new role as a medical driver. His goal was to get back to work and his motivation was to be a role model for his son, and to work towards being financially stable.

Jason says that, “Interact were really helpful and while I was out there looking for jobs for myself their support gave me what I needed and more confidence too.”

Kimberly agrees, sharing that, “Once Jason had a place to feel safe and supported his confidence grew and he was able to very quickly secure a new job thanks to his previous skills.”

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