The job seeker catch-22

Sam was living at home with her parents and struggling to pay her bills. She had been out of work for four months and despite being extremely motivated to work was told again and again by prospective employers that they couldn’t hire her because she needed more experience – a catch-22!


Sam gets the support she needs to find success

Sam reached out to the team at IMPACT where she met her employment consultant who worked closely with her to get her job-ready. As part of the Transition to Work (TtW) program, she was provided with new interview clothing and some mentoring around what to expect during the job seeker process.


It’s all about relationships

Sam had no prior work experience in an outdoor environment but was keen to work and gain experience in any sector. Sam’s employment consultant had a prior relationship with local employer Jayco and felt she would be a good fit. Thanks to the employment consultant’s knowledge about the work environment of the organisation, she was able to give Sam some very specific support in the lead up to the interview.


The winning combination

Sam’s motivation, combined with the advice from the team at IMPACT, was a winning combination and Sam landed a full-time position at Jayco.


“Eager workers get work, no matter their experience.”


Sam is enjoying her new job and is thrilled to be gaining experience for her resume. She is financially stable once more and has plans to eventually take on some part-time study to help her in her future career goals.


What is Transition to Work?

The Transition to Work program is a service designed to support young people aged 15 – 21 as they navigate the job market. The service provides intensive pre-employment mentoring to improve the job-readiness of young people and help them get into sustainable work and/or education that will support their career goals.



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