Following on the success of last year, our travelling jobs roadshow is back on the road. Along with staff from Community Solutions, MTC Australia, Skills Plus, CHESS Connect, Workways and Worklink, we are on a mission to deliver jobs across Australia.


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What is the Can Van?

The Can Van travelling jobs festival is for people with disability looking for help to find or keep a job and employers looking to make their workplace more diverse and inclusive. We also welcome the wider community to come and learn more about our services!


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Why visit the Can Van?

  • Get free career advice from local employment experts
  • Receive personalised job search support
  • Build your skills and confidence
  • Connect with employers and support services in your area


How the Can Van can help you: Cover letter templates

Often the first barrier to finding a new job is having the know-how on putting together your cover letter. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered!

We have three specialised templates ready for you to download and edit as you need.


These clever caravans are on a mission to:

  • Help people with disability get the right job sooner
  • Build people’s skills and confidence to find work
  • Showcase and celebrate ability of all types
  • Connect job seekers with employers and support services


We’ll see you there!


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