Here are some strategies and approaches to help you build a productive and potentially professional network.


Join networking groups for women

There are many networking groups and online communities that focus on empowering women through events, mentorship opportunities, and a supportive environment for connecting with like-minded professionals. Professional associations related to your field often offer networking opportunities and memberships can be a valuable addition to your networking strategy.


Attend women’s leadership conferences

Women’s leadership conferences are a great way to network with women in various industries. These events provide a platform for sharing experiences, insights, and building relationships that can have a lasting impact on your career.


Find women mentors

Having a mentor can be a game-changer in your career. Look for experienced women who can guide and support you. Following and connecting with female role models, and finding female mentors, can provide insights into the unique challenges women face in the workplace and offer advice on overcoming them.


Create an online presence

An active online presence can attract connections and potential opportunities.

Build your personal brand online with a website or blog to showcase your expertise. Regularly update your LinkedIn profile, highlighting your achievements and skills. Most website providers offer simple to use templates to get you started (Milkshake is a super simple website building app for people just starting out), alternatively you could ask someone to work with you, or try a Skillshare or community college courses and combine networking with learning a new skill.


Use social media

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are powerful tools for networking. Join women-centred groups and follow women who share your professional interests. Start and join conversations (you could even arrange to video calls and talks with people whose opinions you value), share your expertise with short videos, and connect with women who can share knowledge and what they’ve learned from their own experiences.


Attend networking events

Participate in networking events in your industry and in your local community. These could be in person meetups, seminars, or workshops. Networking in person means you get to really connect with other women and that can lead to more opportunities long term.


Be a connector

Networking isn’t just about receiving; it’s also about giving. Introduce people in your network who could benefit from knowing each other and you should find that being a connector is great for your reputation and personal brand, as well as strengthening your relationships.

Authenticity is key in networking. Be yourself, and build relationships based on shared interests, trust, and mutual respect. Don’t approach networking purely as a business transaction, but as an opportunity to genuinely connect with other women.

Networking for women is an essential part of career development. By actively seeking out opportunities to connect with other women, it’s possible to build a powerful professional circle that opens doors to new opportunities, mentorship, and personal growth in support of your career plans.


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