Family comes first for Jacinta

Jacinta had been working as a waste management officer for over ten years when she got the news that her mother had fallen ill. Determined to be there for her family, Jacinta left her job and became her mother’s full-time carer. She cared for her mother for two years, right up until, sadly, her mother passed away. Devastated by the loss, Jacinta wasn’t able to face the job market.


Proudly Transgender

In addition to grieving the loss of her Mum, Jacinta was also dealing with the difficulties of being a trans person in a cisnormative world. Jacinta wears her transgender identity with pride, but she grew up in an era where trans people faced extraordinary stigma, inequality and discrimination, something which she still struggles with even though visibility of transgender people is far more common.

Time + support = success

After giving Jacinta the time that she needed to grieve the passing of her mother, the team at Community Solutions got to work to find Jacinta a job. Jacinta’s journey back into the workforce started with a volunteer position at the Incredables Tip Shop, and while she was working there gaining experience, the Community Solutions team were in the background advocating for her to be hired as a paid staff member while the volunteer position was over.

Jacinta wows the Incredables’ team

Jacinta approached her volunteer position as if she was getting paid and she credits her success in the role to that approach.

“Even as a volunteer I felt like I was employed. That’s the way you’ve got to go into it. Put your heart into it, don’t hesitate. That’s what paid off for me”.

Management were impressed by her positive attitude and willingness to share her knowledge. She was always willing to lend a helping hand, even taking younger, less confident volunteers under her wing to show them the ropes when needed.

Jacinta lands the gig

After Jacinta’s volunteer position was over, the team were so impressed with her attitude, knowledge and work ethic that she was hired as a full-time employee at the Tip Shop.

“Jacinta has become a valued member of our team and has bought with her many years of experience in the recycling industry. Jazz has been instrumental in implementing new procedures. With her kind heart she has developed many new friendships – and she bakes a killer date cake for break time too!”

Back on the road to success

Not only has finding a job she loves helped Jacinta regain her confidence, it has also helped her to regain her driver’s license. With the support of Community Solutions, she is back on the road and independent again.


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