When Tannille first came to CoAct partner Workways for help, she had been unemployed for over three years. She was dedicated to the job hunt and determined not to give up, but had been finding it difficult to get the attention of employers. Tannille had been applying for jobs every day and had even started applying for positions she wasn’t qualified for because she was willing to try anything to get hired.


Taking a first step with the Can Van

Impressed with her determination, the team at Workways signed her up for a barista course, and when she completed the course they put her to work in the Can Van. Working in the Can Van gave Tannille some work experience, boosted her confidence and helped her make some valuable connections along the way.


Tannille’s hard work pays off

Applying for positions that she didn’t have the experience for paid off for Tannille. She had sent an application through for a chef position at a local restaurant, and even though she didn’t have the experience to be a chef, the recruiter kept her resume on hand. Later, when a kitchen hand position became available at the restaurant they gave Tannille a call.

Christine at Pippi’s on the Beach in Mission Beach reached out to Tannille for an interview. During the interview Tannille disclosed that she had a disability, and Christine was so impressed with her honesty that she agreed to give Tannille a work trial.

Tannille gets hired

Tannille did such a great job during her work trial that she immediately transitioned into a paid position at Pippi’s. She has been there now for three months and is very much enjoying the work. Christine is thrilled with Tannille’s work ethic and loves having her as part of their team. When asked about Tannille’s journey into paid employment the Workways team said:

“Tannille’s success is completely due to her resilience, no matter how many unsuccessful replies she received she just kept applying for positions. She never gave up and her hard work paid off”.


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