Although Zachary already had a job, he wasn’t getting any shifts, so he wasn’t able to get the financial stability that he wanted. Zachary had big plans for his future, with dreams of a career in the fashion and music industries, but in order to reach his goals, he first needed to become financially independent.


Giving Zachary the tools to succeed

When Zachary first came to the jobactive team at Settlement Services International (SSI), they recognised Zachary’s potential. And though he lacked confidence, they knew they could help him find a job that would allow him to get the financial independence he craved.

The SSI team were able to support Zachary through his job seeker journey by helping him create a strong resume and give him the skills he needed to excel during the interview process.


Working together as a community

The team connected Zachary with the people at The Staples Bag, a social enterprise of SSI, that provides low income earners with affordable groceries, while also employing people who need hands-on work experience in their path to future employment.


Zachary is now working at The Staples Bag, gaining valuable life skills, work experience, and most importantly – confidence so that he can continue to work toward his dreams.


Open the door to a world of opportunity

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