People call ‘time out’ on work for a variety of reasons

For many, it is for family responsibilities, for others it might be because of stigma or barriers due to mental illness or physical disability. Some might find that their qualifications in another country do not afford them an equivalent job in Australia. Others see their roles change beyond their skill-set, or disappear completely. Some may even opt for early retirement and discover it doesn’t suit them.

Whatever the reason, it is often harder for these people to find jobs that match their interests and abilities when they re-enter the workforce. This may be because the job seeker has lost confidence or connections to business. It is also possible that potential employers are concerned that they might not have the necessary resources or set-up to support someone with particular needs.


There’s no denying it can be challenging

This does not mean however that it is impossible to re-enter the workforce, or that there are no support systems in place to help people achieve that. In fact, there are a number of things that people can do in order to improve their prospects for employment after time away.


Make like a Scout, and be prepared!

This is first and foremost for any job-seeker.


Take the time to identify:

  • What it is that you want
  • Your expectations
  • Job experience
  • Skills
  • Interests and talents
  • Industries you would like to work in

You will need to update your resume – and be transparent about your time away – time out of the workforce is not necessarily a deal-breaker for employers. Take a good look at where you might need to update your skills or additional experience, possibly through some volunteering.


Draw upon your contacts and networks for advice and ideas

Very often, it’s all about “who you know, not what you know”. Limited contacts? Then build them up through local support groups, disability action organisations, social or sporting clubs, and community associations. Every new person you meet has the potential to be the one who helps you find a job.


If this all seems a little overwhelming

… or if you think you might need a little extra help, then tailored, one-on-one job support with CoAct can also be incredibly effective. Get a personalised experience at one of more than 300 metropolitan, regional and rural CoAct Service Partner sites across the country.

Our friendly, local employment experts can connect you to employers and supports in your area – taking into account the individual needs and life situation of each client. We can help people wanting to re-enter the workforce with training, connections, resume writing, and developing interview skills, and then provide post-placement supports where required.

Re-entering the workforce after an absence can be challenging, but it is far from impossible. It all just comes down to knowing the right people to turn to for help!

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