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When Joshua first got in touch with CoAct Service Partner, Community Solutions he had been out of work for 129 weeks. An eight-week PaTH internship program with a local Fabrication and Welding business soon helped turn things around for Josh giving him valuable experience using hand tools and using the heavy fabrication equipment. With no driver’s licence or access to public transport, a dedicated Josh rode his bike 20kms to and from work, five days a week to give himself the best possible chance of employment. Unfortunately, the host business had to close their doors after the internship program finished.


Help with job seeking

Despite this setback, Josh immediately contacted his Workforce Solutions Consultant, Georgia to find a new opportunity. She worked closely with Josh taking his new-found motivation and recent work experience to get him into paid employment. Georgia says that Josh had always shown an interest in a hands-on position where he could get in the workshop and get the job done. Thanks to the recent PaTH internship experience he also had gained the confidence to approach potential employers. “With a lot of reverse marketing, cold canvasing and polishing of interview skills, Josh was able to secure an interview with a local company ENZED Mackay within a week,” she said.


“The Store person’s/Trades Assistant position they had available was very similar to the internship Josh had just completed and he was immediately offered the job!”


From internship to paid work

CoAct Service Partner, Community Solutions says it really was the training and confidence Joshua gained from his internship that helped get Joshua over the line and into employment. Some of the additional support he was able to receive from Community Solutions included help with:

  •  Job interview skills
  • Self-marketing knowledge
  • Appropriate work attire
  • Bike to travel to and from work every day

As well as plenty of post-placement support to make sure Josh’s transition into work went as well possible.

“Josh has shown real maturity, dedication and motivation during his transition from work experience to paid employment. He continues to grow both professionally and personally in his position with the support of his co-workers and employment services provider.”

Josh said from the start that he wanted to make his family proud and become financially independent, and that’s exactly what he has been able to achieve.

CoAct and Community Solutions Mackay is very proud of Joshua and all his hard work. We could not be happier with the outcome of the PaTH Internship program and congratulate Joshua on his success! Youth Jobs PaTH is job seeker program for young Australians aged between 15 and 24 helps you become job ready through a range of initiatives.

There is intensive pre-employment training to help refine your job hunting and interview skills as well as opportunities to learn more about the industries you might be interested in.

If you’re ready to get your career on the right PaTH, get in touch with the friendly team at CoAct today.

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