In Natasha’s first few appointments, she didn’t want to talk or engage with us at all. She was angry at the lack of support she’d received from her employment consultants and felt she just wasn’t being listened to. After establishing the foundations of a good relationship through encouragement and gentle motivation, we worked together to identify possible roles that would cause her minimal stress yet allow new skills development.  

Together we created a resume and applied for jobs. As a very proactive job seeker, Natasha found a role that suited as a Retail Assistant in an outlet in Allenstown, Rockhampton. A small business, with an open environment, this was a new space where she could build new skills and feel comfortable. 

We then continued to support her in employment every week until she requested fortnightly check ins. She was feeling comfortable with her new skills and how well she was performing in the role. As Natasha developed a great skillset, she wanted to apply for a promotion to Assistant Manager. She was successful and this helped build her confidence even higher.  

We’ve supported Natasha in the ways that she feels comfortable with and ensured she’s aware of and agrees with any steps we’ve taken. Natasha’s been involved in all decision making and has worked with us openly to receive support.  

Calum says, “Natasha’s future looks great. She’s not afraid to learn new things. Helping her to be successful has been an amazing experience and the reason we do this work. She’s a lot more confident and believes in what she can achieve as a proud Indigenous woman.” 

Rachel says, “Since I met Natasha in 2019, she has faced so many challenges and barriers within her personal and work life. She’s completely transformed her career goals with the help and support of CoAct / Community Solutions and has recently gained 2ic at work. This is such a huge achievement for Natasha and well-deserved.” 

Natasha says, “The support I’ve received has been 200 percent better than the employment consultants before. Calum and Rachel took time to understand me and listened to how they could help me. I’ve built my confidence and developed my skills and gained a promotion at work.” 

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