Christine had just moved back to Rockhampton after a time away and she was struggling. She was dealing with some medical and mental health issues, as well as the stress of moving house and she wasn’t sure where to turn.

Thankfully it just took one conversation with her recruitment partner about her options for Christine to have a massive turn around.


Sometimes you just have to take back control

Empowered by a supportive talk with the Community Solutions team, Christine marched straight over to Centrelink to clear up some issues with her payments and then came back to the Community Solutions offices announcing she was ready to enrol in a course.

Christine was promptly enrolled into the 2nd semester of a part-time traineeship. She had previously been doing a traineeship with another business, but it had fallen through when the business closed down. Thrilled to be back on track, Christine threw herself into the course with gusto.


It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you keep on going

Christine is currently studying part-time and working as a cleaner as well. Her medical and mental health issues mean that it’s not always smooth sailing, as Christine sometimes has trouble leaving the house, but with the support of her family and the Community Solutions team she is determined to stick with the traineeship and to eventually find her way into full-time paid employment.



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