Working with mental health issues

Cameron had been unemployed for four months when he approached Community Solutions for help. He had recently had a baby with his partner and needed help finding employment that would allow him to support his new family. Cameron had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, which was a significant barrier to him finding employment in the past, but the Community Solutions team could see that he was an enthusiastic and willing learner who was motivated and diligent, and they were confident they could help him find a supportive place to work.


Cameron finds his motivation

Cameron’s new baby was a big motivator for him wanting to make changes in his life. He was determined to provide financially for his new family and wanted to show them that they could rely on him to give them security. The Community Solutions team gave Cameron some valuable one-on-one coaching to boost his self-confidence and assist him in dealing with his mental health struggles.

The team also provided him with a bicycle to help with transportation to and from his commitments, and once he secured employment they gave him financial assistance so that he was able to get uniforms for the job.


The right environment is key for success

The Community Solutions team knew that the key to finding Cameron a successful job placement came down to finding a supportive employer who would understand his unique needs as an employee. Somewhere where his unique gifts and aptitudes could come to the forefront. The team did some research and connected him with the people at Consolidated Linen Services.


Cameron was hired by the company, and they were so impressed with his work ethic and attitude that after just five weeks of employment, they promoted him!


Cameron is now the face of the business, providing great customer service to anyone who walks through the doors, and delivers orders to customers as well. His supervisor is pleased with is performance and assures us that he is excelling in the role. Cameron is thrilled to now be in a position where he is able to provide financial support for his new family. He has plans to buy a car in the near future and is loving his new role.


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