A helping hand

Mohammad was motivated to find work, but due to the language barrier, struggled to find opportunities. After an extended time on the job search his confidence was shaken.

When Mohammad indicated that he was interested in working in a warehouse environment, the jobactive team at Settlement Services International helped him to rewrite his resume, scheduled job interviews within the sector, and provided him with the funds to purchase some personal protective clothing.


Mohammad makes a new start

Mohammed’s previous experience in warehousing, along with the help from his employment consultant at Settlement Service International, helped him to secure employment at the Booktopia warehouse. Mohammed is currently working full-time in the position and is enjoying the challenges of the job. His supervisors are very happy with his work and he plans to stay on in the role, with the hope of leveraging his position for future progression within the company.


Finding confidence again

Finding work has helped to rebuild Mohammad’s confidence again. He credits the team at Settlement Service International with helping him find his place in the workforce and is happy to be working as part of a team.


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