Edgar, Rebecca, Vinne and Darren were all long-term job seekers who were struggling to find their way into meaningful, sustainable employment. In order to help them, the team at Community Solutions provided a pre-employment work-ready program to give them all the skills they needed to succeed in the job market.


Pre-employment programs giving you the skills to succeed

The intensive program included resume writing tips, back to work support, employer expectations training, targeted interview techniques, mock interviews and Indigenous guest speakers. But the team didn’t stop there, the program followed the participants through all aspects of their job seeker journey, including job application lodgement and position interviews until each person was fully employed.


100% success

Edgar, Rebecca, Vinne and Darren were enthusiastic about participating in the program. Each of them had a 100% attendance rate throughout the program and their commitment was rewarded. By the end of the course, every single one of them had gained full-time employment in their chosen industry.


“Before I started this program I couldn’t be bothered to leave the house or even sometimes get out of bed. I couldn’t be bothered with my kids or family. But after the first day I went to the gym and took my kids to the park. This program has given me the motivation to turn my life around”


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