Bridge to Work launched in June 2018 and we have had steady engagement from Bridge Housing tenants, successfully placing 13 candidates so far!

The Bridge to Work program is based on an Intensive Case Management model, meaning we work closely with tenants to develop their work-readiness and support them into employment. This is done in collaboration with CoAct’s expert local employment service providers and networking with potential employers.


Setting tenants up for success

Our dedicated team invests in tenants participating in the program from the start, providing tailored one-on-one support including help looking for suitable jobs, job search training and tools, as well as work-ready skills and training. We find that revising participants’ resumes and helping set them up with an active online presence are just some of the stepping stones to interviews and potential work. Providing ongoing mentoring and job coaching both pre- and post-placement also ensures our tenants a high level of success finding and maintaining employment.


Helping you focus on what’s important

Bridge Housing has offered a generous incentive to rental payments for the initial six months after placement where the tenants’ rent will not be affected by their change in income. This will allow tenants to save money and focus on other important aspects in their life during their initial employment.


Building strong relationships

Bridge to Work has been busy creating budding partnerships with various employment service providers to provide more opportunities for job seekers in the Bridge to Work program. These partnerships aim to work collaboratively to find employment solutions that benefit everyone. We have recently established a joint initiative with Babana Employment to assist our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates with more pathways into finding the right job for them.


Not-for-profit community organisation, Tribal Warrior, works closely with Babana Employment and together we have placed a shared candidate into an educational part time role, which has been a great result for everyone involved!

Working with established employment service providers will allow Bridge to Work to showcase potential employment opportunities and allow a collaborative approach to support shared candidates to improve their overall well-being and job readiness.

We look forward to strengthening these partnerships and developing more shared pathways going forward into 2019 – stay tuned for more updates!


Register your interest

If you’re a Bridge Housing tenant wanting to find work or improve your situation, get in touch with Bridge to Work Employment Support Coordinator, Gavin Marks, on 0477 092 194, register your interest online at or contact your housing manager for a referral.

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