Leveraging previous experience

Kelly had shown a keen interest in admin, retail and childcare. She had previous experience in those areas and had always done well but was finding it tough to compete with other job seekers. The team at Interact could see that Kelly had both a great attitude and great potential so they were keen to work with her to help her find the right opportunities to succeed.


Helping Kelly get out there

With so much competition in the job market, the Interact team wanted to focus on getting Kelly noticed by employers, so they worked with her to fine tune her resume and cover letters, customising three different versions to suit the three industries Kelly was interested in.


Rebecca and Kelly also did some one-on-one marketing sessions where they hit the streets together, visiting businesses in person to seek out opportunities and get Kelly in front of actual business owners who might be looking for staff.


Work experience for job success

The Interact team also organised various work experience opportunities for Kelly so that she was able to build up her confidence, gain some additional experience and get some recent references to add to her new, updated resume. Kelly did some work experience with inPicture products in admin and the team were thrilled with her work.

“Kelly has been an excellent employee, she went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations.”


Next steps for Kelly

Kelly is currently doing a work experience placement with Kim and the team at Star Discount Chemist in Morphett Vale. During the placement, Kelly has learned that they are currently going through the recruitment process for a pharmacy assistant and Kelly has submitted an application for the position. Thanks to her added confidence, on site experience and personal relationship with the employer we’re confident she’ll do well.


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