It’s been 18 months of CoAct and our network of not-for-profit service partners delivering Workforce Australia. We have 75 locations Australia-wide and our customers come from all walks of life. So, it’s no surprise there’s a huge variation in the jobs we help our customers land and stay in. We’ve placed Workforce Australia job seekers into a whopping 474 different occupations.

Think everything from actors, animal trainers, outdoor adventure guides, IT technicians and registered nurses. Arborists, youth workers, visual merchandisers and everything in between. There’s the right job out there for everyone, and we can help you find it.


Top 5 jobs our Workforce Australia customers have landed:

  • Cleaners: Commercial and domestic cleaning demands have risen post-pandemic, with the need for better sanitation high on the agenda for businesses, public facilities, hospitality and tourism.
  • Builder’s labourer: The building boom is not slowing down and construction firms are always looking for staff. Labourers gain valuable onsite experience that can help them progress to other lucrative roles in construction.
  • Housekeepers: With domestic and international tourism returning to normal, hotels and holiday rentals across the country are booking up and needing staff.
  • Aged and disabled carers: Our ageing and disabled population needs compassionate, reliable in-home and community-based carers. There are many flexible options for work and always opportunities to upskill and progress, too.
  • Kitchenhands: Kitchenhands are the backbone of commercial kitchens and hospitality establishments. Hardworking, passionate kitchen assistants can work their way up the commercial kitchen ladder.

There are a few things in common with the most popular jobs we’ve placed. They offer great job security, stable income and career growth opportunities. No matter your location, they are all in demand, with employers looking to hire.

No matter what your story, there’s a job or training pathway that’s right for you.

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