Strength in Commitment
A 25th anniversary publication

We’re celebrating CoAct’s 25 years of supporting communities and changing lives. Take a trip down memory lane as we look back on a quarter of a decade as a network like no other.


To the founders of Job Futures/CoAct, who had a vision and worked so hard to bring it to life.

To those who followed and, by their efforts, have kept the vision alive in a constantly changing environment.

To our service partners and their staff across the network who, by their work day by day, make Australia a better, more inclusive place to live.

To our CoAct staff who contribute to the success of the network, making a difference and improving lives.

And to the many thousands of people who have come through our doors over 25 years and worked with us to find a way around their challenges, develop their skills and gain sustainable work and a better life, and to those who keep on trying, despite ongoing challenges.

To our funders and government departments who recognise the value of our work and have supported us on our journey. Thank you.


Thank you for being part of the CoAct journey


While every effort has been made to check and cross reference names, facts and figures we realise that there may be a few oversights. Please accept this as our apology for any errors or omissions.

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