The Australian government offers support to people with disability who are looking for a job through Disability Employment Services (DES).

It’s a program designed to help people with disability find and keep a job. At CoAct we work hard to make sure that job is meaningful work you genuinely enjoy.


Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services – aka DES – help people with disability, injury, illness or health conditions to prepare for work and find and keep a job.

DES providers are contracted by the Australian Government to provide Disability Employment Services. They can be large, medium, small, for-profit or not-for-profit organisations.

Along with out national network of service providers CoAct is one of the largest not-for-profit DES providers in Australia.

Our friendly, experienced team delivers disability employment services that support hundreds of people with disability every day to get confident and ready for work, and to find meaningful jobs that suit their individual needs.

Together we help our DES customers access funds, resources, information, equipment, workwear, training, mentoring and so much more.


Disability Employment Services for people living with cancer

What many people don’t realise is that for DES support disability includes injury, health conditions, and illnesses such as cancer.

This means that job seekers living with cancer may be eligible for DES and the program offers tailored support based on each job seeker’s individual needs.

At CoAct we’ve seen firsthand that people with disability face unique challenges that require personalised support, especially when it comes to successfully entering or re-entering the workforce.

As a DES provider we offer a range of services to our customers Feb 4 is World Cancer Day. These services include everything from preparation for work, training, workshops, resume writing, confidence building, the provision of equipment and uniforms, and ongoing support post employment too.

Our recruitment consultants are connected with local employers committed to hiring and supporting people with disability. We build relationships with these employers that allow us to propose job carving as a strategy to create tailored roles for job seekers with cancer.

We also support employers by working with our customers’ colleagues and management teams to educate them on working with people with disability, and plan solutions for any challenges that might arise. In addition we can help employers access information and funding for workplace modifications.

For an employee with cancer these adjustments could look like flexible work arrangements to manage healthcare and wellbeing, specialist equipment like ergonomic seating, workplace modifications like ramps if necessary , or other accommodations depend8ng on the individual needs of each person.

For job seekers living with cancer, Disability Employment Services offer a lifeline to navigate the complexities of finding and keeping a job, or staying in a job after a diagnosis.

By providing tailored support and addressing our customers’ individual needs, we empower them to set and work towards career goals, while living with cancer.

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