World Cancer Day 2024 has a strong focus on the power of working together. As an employment services provider CoAct supports people with disability – which includes injury, health conditions, and illnesses such as cancer – to find sustainable employment.

We recognise the power of working together in the workplace and beyond and we have seen first hand that every single one of us has the power to make a real difference to our communities.


Lived experience of working with disability

We recently sat down with CoAct network team member Patricia for International Day of People With Disability to discuss her loved experience of living and working with disability, which for Patricia also included cancer.

When asked what her disability brings to her work Patricia told us that it “adds strength, empathy, and compassion to everything I do”, which is just about the most powerful endorsement there is for the value a person living with cancer can bring to their community.


Closing the care gap

The 2024 World Cancer Day theme is the culmination of a three-year “Close The Care Gap” campaign, starting in 2022, which is raising awareness of the inequities in cancer care around the globe.

The campaign addresses barriers to care, the consequences, and ways to “unite our voices” and take action.

2024 is the final year and calls for people worldwide tp “become lifelong advocates fully equipped to push for lasting change.”


How CoAct can help job seekers living with cancer

At CoAct we are proud to both employ and support people living with and in remission from cancer to find meaningful work. We believe that the ability to find and keep a suitable job can have a major impact on people with disability and we see time and time again, in our own team and in the teams of the employers we partner with, what an amazing contribution people can make to their communities when they’re adequately supported with personalised care and resources.


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