“This will be CoAct’s first DES direct delivery site and it will run alongside our Workforce Australia Program, also located at Stones Corner. This new DES site will provide employment assistance to jobseekers with permanent disability, injury or health conditions. This will include ongoing support in the workplace, using cutting edge tech including virtual reality and an intensive case management approach,” said Nyssa deWaard, CoAct’s Executive General Manager – Employment & Training.

An extraordinary amount of hard work went into designing and developing this state-of-the-art facility, including that cutting edge virtual reality tech. It’s the result of a pioneering employment services collaboration with Work Window that’s giving DES customers a hyper realistic insight into different industries and workplaces as they search for a job that suits their individual needs. It also facilitates virtual interviews, transporting jobseekers to face to face interview settings and bridging the gap between expectation and actual experience, for more successful outcomes.

Alongside that tech is a passionate team of CoAct recruitment partners who support people with disability in the local community as they look to find sustainable employment that that they geniuinely enjoy.

Casey, Program Manager

Casey’s superpower is her ability to communicate with anyone and everyone. She’s motivated by the change she can effect by empowering her team and her customers, and a good day at the office means each customer leaves feeling valued.

Casey’s advice for customers looking for work: Find your passion and follow that.

Tracy, DES Recruitment Partner

Tracy works across all DES contracts, supporting each individual customer to own their empowerment. Seeing people she’s worked with in the past still working and enjoying their jobs is a win for Tracy.
Her advice for customers looking for work: Own it, make it yours and never give up.

Tyrone, DES Recruitment Partner

Tyrone’s the person to speak with about failing and then using those lessons to try doing things differently next time around. His skill set includes adapting his methods to individual personality types so he can form strong relationships with his customers and with the employers he networks with. The result: positive, sustainable, and meaningful results that allow him to be a major influence in effecting positive change for both customers and employers.

Tyrone’s advice for you if you’re looking for work: Be available: through email, phone calls, or being present on site. Showing up and responding is half the battle.

Lilliana, Recruitment Partner

Liliana’s special skill for this integral role is her ability to listen attentively and with compassion. She’s motivated by a love for helping others and she considers seeing someone she’s been supporting starting to gain confidence and self-efficacy to be a great day at the office.

Liliana’s advice for you if you’re looking for work: Quitters never win, winners never quit.

Cindy, DES Customer Experience Coordinator

Cindy loves the challenge of organising office operations and keeping everyone in line. Her special skill for this role is how organised she is at prioritising her daily, weekly and monthly tasks, and managing her time.
Cindy’s advice for anyone looking for work: Find a goal and focus on it.

Come on in and say hi, we look forward to supporting you.

CoAct Connect Stones Corner – Disability Employment Services (DES)
Level 1/416 Logan Rd, QLD 4120
Telephone: 07 3135 6613


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