Wait, what’s a Can Van?

If you haven’t already heard, in September, we’re launching three ‘Can Vans’ that will travel around New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria delivering jobs, advice and more. But before we hit the road, we needed to give each of our new sets of wheels a nickname!

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We wanted to give each caravan a unique name of their own, with its own personality that inspires positivity and shows a can-do attitude. So we asked YOU, our awesome people, to help us name them!


And the winners are… (drum roll please!)

We’re pleased to announce the three nicknames for our new Can Vans:

  • Hope
  • Navnac
  • JesseCan

We were overwhelmed with the huge amount of awesome entries we received – each one with an inspiring reason behind the name.

Thank you to all who entered, we are so excited for our Can Vans to hit the road, showing off their new nicknames and delivering jobs, advice and more!


Showcasing ability

Here’s a little more on the inspiration behind these names, from the winning entrants:


Can Van #1: Hope

Entered by: Ann B.

Why this name inspires you: “I have MS and Psoriatic Arthritis and Hope gets me through each day – to never give up and inspiring me towards better tomorrows.”


Can Van #2: Navnac

Entered by: Lorae D.

Why this name inspires you: “The word to me means the knack to navigate… get around… it’s also Can Van backwards.”


Can Van #3: JesseCan

Entered by: Cheryl Q.

Why this name inspires you: “My 19-year-old son Jesse has severe cognitive delays, depression & anxiety. He lost his Dad 5 years ago, struggles every day but never gives up.”


The stories behind the inspiration

Over the next week we’ll be bringing you the stories behind each of our Can Van nicknames. We can’t wait to share these with you!

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Australia’s hardest working caravans

Our Can Van road trip will be a travelling jobs festival like no other. There’ll be plenty of activities at each stop showcasing our local community connections, providing personalised job search support and training as well as celebrating diverse, inclusive workplaces.

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