The CoAct Board is committed to the highest standards of governance and ethical conduct. CoAct is acutely aware of our responsibility, accountability and obligations to operate with sound governance, prudent management and service quality.

Our governance framework

CoAct’s governance framework comprises of systems and processes that effectively control and monitor our organisation. The Company structure and governance processes are guided by our Constitution and Membership Charter.

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Leading Strategy

Our strategy is developed, reviewed and refined by the Board to ensure CoAct continues to deliver on our purpose and achieve positive impact.

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Transparency and Accountability

Our Values guide the way we work with all our stakeholders and with each other and underpin a culture in which respect, integrity and ethical business practices are a part of everyday behaviour.

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Good Governance

Quality management certification across both the key aspects of our business activities and our governance framework provides an independent assessment of CoAct’s business processes and controls, as well as providing for opportunities for continuous improvement.

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Modern slavery statement

CoAct is committed to ensuring that the risks of modern slavery in our business operations and supply chain are managed and minimised.

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WGEA statement

CoAct is focused on making its workplace fair for everyone, no matter their gender. Our 2022/23 WGEA report shares positive changes, highlighting an increase in women across roles, including leadership. 

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