Getting confident to work after health challenges – and help with other areas of his life where he needed it

It can be a scary thought to return to work after illness. Troy had experienced a heart attack and was worried he wouldn’t be able to . Aside from a few months here and there, Troy’s last ongoing position was in 2014. He had been with Disability Employment Services for two years when he secured a role.

Not just employment services, we helped with sort out other parts of his life so he’d be ready to work

Having Lucinda on Troy’s side was exactly what he needed. She helped him with his life challenges so that he’d be able to give work his all. She also helped him see that he could hold down a job.

Lucinda  started by aiding in sorting out some life fundamentals… like his housing. She connected Troy with the Girudala Community Cooperate Society – who helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. They were able to reach out to the Department of Housing and get everything resolved. Lucinda also referred him to the Central Queensland Financial Counselling Service so that he could learn better money habits.

Then, it was working on his motivation and confidence plus discovering his capabilities

Troy needed to see the value in himself. And to be motivated to work to enable him to support his family. Lucinda patiently worked through Troy’s barriers. He undertook some goal setting activities to have him work out what he wanted to do. He undertook some masterclasses to improve his digital skills and was taught how to apply for jobs online as well as prepare for interviews. Interviewing for jobs can be hard – sometimes he didn’t get the job, another time he got the job but it fell through. At every stage, he was encouraged to look forward and focus on the future while never giving up. Lucinda and Troy have been able to sort out so much out in his life and are now looking back with a smile. He has surprised himself by what he has done.

“The support from CoAct / Community Solutions put me back on track. I was about to give up on my house, I thought I would lose it. Now, I’m working for an employer who takes care of me, I can help my kids out and pay the bills” Troy said gratefully.

Troy had full support to find the right job and attend the interview – and was offered the job on the spot

Due to Troy’s medical conditions, they were looking for a role he could do indoors, that was not too labour intensive. This was identified during the goal setting activities before he started applying. Troy’s new employer had used CoAct / Community Solutions in the past and they were looking for staff for the Christmas and school holiday season when tourism peaks in the Hervey Bay and Whitsundays regions.

Lucinda and CoAct / Community Solutions People and Performance Leader, Fiona, attended the interview at Consolidated Linen Service with Troy, which was great as they were all able to tour the factory and get a sense of the role. This helped increase Troy’s confidence that he could do it. Lucinda organised the interview and thanks to Troy’s dazzling personality and his clear work ethic, they offered him the job right there. His CoAct / Community Solutions team were also able to discuss Troy’s medical conditions and make sure the role was right for him.

A supportive employer has made the difference in Troy finding the best work environment

“Troy is an absolute pleasure to employ. He is hard working, committed and completes all tasks with a smile on his face. His positive attitude is infectious amongst the team. There was a great level of support received from CoAct/Community Solutions during a really busy period. Troy is not the only great employee they’ve found for me,” said Amy, Troy’s Manager.

Troy has been working in the laundry sorting clothing for Consolidated Linen Service for over four months. As Troy has had health issues, he worried about the heat in the laundry. His employer put him in the outside shed which was the coolest option.  To ensure Troy’s success in the role, he started on less hours and then worked his way up as he felt more capable of the increased workload. Every time his employer, Amy, walks past him at work, he makes her smile. Troy really makes a valued contribution to the company culture. Lucinda is so impressed by how impressed they are.

“Showing up each day you’re so reliable and have such a good attitude in the workplace. For an employer to make comments about that, you should feel so proud of yourself”.

We have a feeling that he is.

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