Tools for upskilling while looking for work

19 August 2020

Tools for upskilling while looking for work

With so much change to how many of us are working and spending time lately, now could be a great time to think about what upskilling could look like for you.

It could also be an opportunity to look at which industries are in demand now, and the courses that could help you upskill or prepare for them. To help you get ahead, see which jobs are hiring now.

Whatever your focus for upskilling, here’s what to know to get started to improve your employability chances.

 Why you should upskill

Along with the increased job opportunities, upskilling has so many benefits and we are here to share suggestions of how and why you should upskill.

  • It can open up a range of opportunities within your industry, or a new one for roles that you may not have had the qualifications or experience in before.
  • Helps you stay relevant for the job that you desire.
  • May ensure job security in the future.
  • With the changing job market and trends, these require skills that can be applied to help you get ahead of other job seekers.

For example, if you worked in a retail store, many of the things you’ve been doing while working in retail easily lend themselves to a variety of jobs. The following is just a basic list of keywords you may add to update your resume.

Customer service: retail sales is a customer-facing job; you made sure to put your customers first.

Communication: because of your retail and customer experience, you are a clear and concise communicator.

Team player: working retail means you’re part of a sales team, moving together toward a common sales goal. You learned quickly how to play well with others, and this will serve you well in every other career you could possibly go into.

Attention to detail: you pay attention to things happening on the sales floor, plus keep an eye on your customers for their wants and needs.

Information Technology (IT): you’ve worked with tills, eftpos machines, computers, and handheld inventory scanners, among other electronic equipment.

Numeracy: handling money for both the store and the customer: It makes you instantly trustworthy.

These skills can put you in a good place to find a job as a receptionist or office assistant for example.

Ways you can upskill

There’s a range resources available and we’d love to share some general upskilling ideas with you.

‣  Online courses and training platforms – there are a range of free online courses that you can do to broaden your skills or learn something new. You can find some free soft skill courses here. Or, TAFE NSW offers heaps of awesome courses which help you level up your skills. Plus, here at CoAct, we have a bunch of amazing resources and people to equip you.

‣  Improve your digital skills – keep up to date with technology. Social distancing policies mean our need for digital connection is more obvious than ever. Now is the time to better your digital skills. Learn the new trends or how your industry may be utilising technology and learn the skills to keep up with this demand. Check out some of these free digital courses to try.

‣  Volunteer or intern – is a good way to get your foot in the door. Contact a business or community organisation that interests you and let them know you are keen to get on the ground experience. It exposes you to real-life working situations where you can learn from the professionals firsthand. You can then add this to your resume, as employers often look favourably on candidates who demonstrate an appetite for learning.

‣  Network with others – connect online through social media, LinkedIn or get in touch with us. It gives you the opportunity to get advice from others in the industry and ask questions to help you secure a role.

‣  Take part in online webinars, listen to industry podcasts or stay up to date with industry news. At My Skills you can explore an industry that you are interested in and check out what skills are in demand.

Especially if you are currently between jobs, you’ll need to have the skills needed in the new job market. It’s important to be prepared. That’s why now is the perfect time to upskill, in order to get you back to work sooner. Let’s gather the tools we need and get to work!

Need help with your job search? From help with your resume, to training and upskilling, get in touch with the friendly team at CoAct today.

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