There is a lot to consider when applying for jobs to succeed in the market todayYes, it is competitive, however we are here to help you write a winning job application to get an advantage over other job seekers.  

Along with a beautifully presented resume, it’s also important to apply for relevant jobs and when you do apply, be sure to follow the instructions on the job ad and get your application in early. Once you have these things covered, the next step is to tailor your resume to the job to help it stand out to the employer and get in front. 

Watch the video to learn how to customise your resume and cover letter so you are in the best position for landing that job. It also covers how software on job search sites, such as Seek is used to screen resumes for key words to best match candidates to roles, in order to give your resume a competitive edge. 

What else you can do 

Do your researchIf you know the organisation be sure to check out the company’s website to find out the: 

  • Type of industry 
  • Language they use 
  • Key competitors 
  • Size of the organisation 
  • Location and types of values. 

This information can help you write a winning application that appeals to the employer and ensure it stands outWe’re here to help you get in front. 

After more? 

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As your co-pilot, we will work with you to nail your resume and cover letter, as well as provide a whole host of other services to help you on your way to securing a job. Still got questions for the next step in your employment search? Get in touch with our friendly team as we are here to find out how we can help you navigate the world of work.  


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