Finding the right job for you

CoAct is with you every step of the way to help you with the skills, confidence and support you need to find and keep the right job for you in your local area.

Find a job as unique as you

Every person is unique, so at CoAct we take the time to find out about you and your goals, so we can provide you with the right employment assistance for you. We work with a range of job seekers, including:

Personalised services that suit you

Our services are carefully tailored to your needs so that you can realise your potential and enjoy the benefits of work. CoAct programs aim to develop your skills and confidence and include support such as:

  • Job search help including practical tools and training
  • Work-ready skills and training suited to the skills that employers in your local area need
  • Referrals to jobs in your local area
  • Case management so that you’re ready to start and keep a job
  • Support to complete Work for the Dole or other eligible activities

Connections in your local area

We can help you find and keep the right job sooner because we have more people across our network working to help you.


CoAct and our Service Partners are connected with your local community and we work closely with employers and support services in your area to create more job opportunities for you.


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Support to find the right job sooner

At CoAct, we take time to understand the unique challenges you face when looking for a job. Our friendly, local team can help you overcome any barriers to finding a job by working with you to access support services such as:

  • Housing
  • Medical assistance
  • Social services
  • Education and training

Choose CoAct as your employment services provider

CoAct is the trusted provider of a range of employment initiatives that we deliver on behalf of the Australian Government to help people across the country find and keep jobs, including:

As well as a range of programs supporting youth job seekers including:

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