Disability Employment Services

If you’re looking for work and living with disability, an illness, injury or health condition (including depression and anxiety), you’ve come to the right place. We know that navigating the world of work can be challenging. We're here to help.

Disability Employment Services offered by CoAct

CoAct is a leading provider of Disability Employment Services (DES). We deliver two types of DES programs:

  • Disability Management Service: For people with disability, illness, or injury who need the help of an employment service but do not expect to need long-term support in the workplace.
  • Employment Support Service: For people with a permanent disability and an assessed need for longer term, regular support in the workplace.

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Am I eligible for Disability Employment Services?

Read our factsheet on Disability Employment Services (DES) and it’s eligibility requirements.

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A support team working for you

You’ll have a team of specialists who will take the time to get to know you and find out about your goals so they can give you the right support and help you build your skills and confidence along the way.


Our carefully tailored support is designed to meet your unique needs and includes:

  • Help looking for suitable jobs
  • Practical job search tools and training
  • Work-ready skills and training including short courses and work placements
  • Personal and medical assistance to help manage health issues that affect your ability to work

Helping you overcome barriers to employment

Our team can help you overcome any challenges to finding a job, so that you can enjoy the benefits of being part of the workforce. Through our network, we also deliver specialist community and employment services with plenty of support including:

  • Housing
  • Medical assistance
  • Social services
  • Education and training

We’re with you every step of the way

Our support continues once you start work to give you the best chance of success, including:

  • Job-readiness for your first day including learning about your new role and workplace requirements
  • Support when you’re first placed into a job such as on-the-job training as well as ongoing support in your job when you need it
  • Liaising with your employer when needed
  • Help with workplace modifications, support services and Auslan interpreting
  • Working with your medical and support services to help keep you in work

Mental health specialist

The team at CoAct understands how difficult it can be to find and keep a job if you are living with a mental health illness. We specialise in working with you to support you through these challenges so that you can find a job that suits your needs.


Having a job is important to your mental health and wellbeing, so we provide you with the mentoring, training support and guidance you need to thrive at work. We also work closely with employers across Australia to ensure people with mental health conditions are supported.

Already in work, but need support? Work Assist can help.

If you’re already in work, but at risk of losing your job because of your disability, illness or injury, speak to our team about the Work Assist program. Help is available to you and your employer.

Work Assist is a program offered by the Australian Government that provides support to job seekers with disabilities, illness, injury or other barriers to employment. The Work Assist program is designed to help job seekers maintain employment by providing a range of support services and assistance. 

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CoAct is made up of some of Australia’s most respected and experienced Service Partners who have the local knowledge to deliver you the best outcomes. CoAct works behind the scenes to ensure a quality service while our Service Partners are the on-the-ground experts with connections to employers in your area.

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