CoAct and Centrelink

CoAct delivers job search programs for job seekers registered with Centrelink. Ask Centrelink for CoAct to be your employment services provider today.

Start your job search with CoAct and Centrelink

CoAct delivers government-funded services and job search programs that can be accessed when you register for Centrelink, such as jobactive and Disability Employment Services.


We are a national partnership of community-based, for-purpose Service Partners, who share the goal of supporting Australia’s most in-need job seekers to find and keep meaningful employment.


We can help you find and keep the right job sooner because we have more people across our network working to help you.

Find a job as unique as you

We are a leading provider of a wide range of employment services and work with a range of job seekers including:

At CoAct, we take time to understand the unique challenges you face when looking for a job and can help you overcome any barriers to finding work. We provide plenty of ongoing support including financial, social and personal to help you secure meaningful employment.

Centrelink and CoAct connecting you to the right support

If you’re looking for work, your local CoAct Service Partner can talk you through your eligibility for the different support services available.


We can guide you through all the Centrelink steps so that you know exactly what to expect. One of the ways to speed up the process is to make sure you have all the documents you might need to register, such as:

  • Proof of identity e.g. Australian birth certificate or passport, driver’s licence and a utility bill that includes your address
  • Bank details including your account bank balance and (if applicable) your partner
  • Proof of income i.e. payslips from jobs (current or previous)

Note: You will need to provide employment separation certificates for employers you had over the previous 12 months (and no longer working for).

Asking Centrelink to refer you to CoAct

If you plan to register for employment services with Centrelink, or already are registered, give yourself the best chance of success by asking for CoAct to be your employment services provider. You can:

  • Visit your local Centrelink office and ask to be referred to CoAct, OR
  • You may prefer to visit your local CoAct partner for support first and our team can help you register with Centrelink by:
    • Explaining the process and answering your questions
    • Helping you complete any paperwork
    • Let you know what you need to do to receive support payments

Register as a job seeker today

Open the door to a world of opportunity and be supported by a team who believe in you.


For the support you need, or to learn more about CoAct and Centrelink, get in touch with our friendly, professional team today.

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