Working with Employers

CoAct delivers customised employment services & workforce solutions to find the right staff for small, medium & large sized employers across Australia

Working with businesses large and small

We work with all industry sectors and business sizes throughout regional and metropolitan Australia, with effective services for:

What are employment services?

Employment services are government-funded services designed to help you build a strong workforce. As a leading national partnership of for-purpose Service Partners, CoAct specialises in finding, recruiting, training, mentoring and supporting Australians who are looking to find and keep work.

Diverse support services for employers and employees

We deliver diverse support services that go far beyond the services of a commercial recruitment company, including:

  • Employee mental health counselling
  • Employee rehabilitation and treatment
  • Job-readiness for your new employee’s first day
  • Planning with you, the employer, to ensure the job matches your new employee’s abilities
  • Personal support for you and your new employee such as on-the-job training as well as ongoing support
  • Help with workplace modifications, support services and Auslan interpreting
  • Working with your medical and support services to help keep you in work

Successful workforce solutions for employers across Australia

CoAct is committed to helping find the right employees at no cost to their business as well as support job seekers across Australia in their search for work.


Our experienced team works closely with you to gain valuable insights into your organisation so that we can better advise you on your workforce planning needs and help you gain access to current training, funding and development initiatives.

Choose CoAct as your employment services and workforce solutions partner

Our team is dedicated to continually improving our service to employers with customised solutions that help you build and retain a strong diverse team for your business.


Locate your nearest CoAct Service Partner and find the right staff sooner.

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