Employer spotlight: Youth Projects x Staff Australia

02 January 2024

Employer spotlight: Youth Projects x Staff Australia

In August 2022 CoAct service partner Youth Projects embarked on a innovative partnership with Staff Australia to create opportunities for young people seeking meaningful employment.

About Staff Australia

Since 1999, Staff Australia has been helping employers find the temp or permanent staff they need, and helping job seekers find rewarding employment. They have offices in five locations across Australia and have built their business by investing in relationships. This means taking the time to understand the culture and requirements of the employers they work with, and making sure they send through best fit candidates who will thrive in the role.

Staff Australia also provides ongoing support for new employees so they can concentrate on settling into their new role and doing their best.

The Youth Projects partnership

The collaborative efforts of Youth Projects and Staff Australia began with a series of informative sessions designed to pre-screen and register aspiring job seekers on the spot. These sessions paved the way for potential employment and also established a strong foundation for a robust working relationship.

Since the inception of this partnership, the impact has been nothing short of remarkable, with 15+ young people placed into employment, and countless lives transformed along the way.

Staff Australia’s commitment to empowering young people as they look for work goes far beyond recruitment.

On a monthly basis their representatives visit Youth Projects hubs to conduct informative sessions about current job openings. They take the time to understand the unique needs and aspirations of each potential candidate, conducting interviews and helping with registration and paperwork.

This personalised approach ensures that the right person is matched with the right job, setting young people up for a successful experience in their new roles.

CoAct service partner Youth Projects has received glowing feedback from Staff Australia, praising their prompt and effective responses and the exceptional dedication to the cause demonstrated by the team as they ensure that every opportunity is maximised for the benefit of Youth Projects customers.

This has played a crucial role in the success of the partnership.

Post employment support

Staff Australia has also been instrumental in providing ongoing feedback and support for Youth Projects’ participants as they enter and navigate the workforce.

This commitment was clear in the case of a young person who expressed a desire to obtain a Forklift licence while working. Youth Projects and Staff Australia worked together to organise the training, with all expenses covered.

Today, that young person is employed full-time, thriving in their role, and reaping the rewards of their dedication.

One of the cornerstones of this partnership is the shared goal of ensuring stable, sustainable employment for Youth Projects customers. To this end the team has collaborated closely with Staff Australia to process wage subsidies for those who were eligible. This provides financial stability and helps to pave the way for a long-term career path.

The impact of this partnership

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this partnership has been the holistic approach to empowerment through employment. As well as a focus on finding jobs; it has also prioritised ensuring that young people meet the requirements of their roles and are genuinely happy in their positions.

Staff Australia has played a pivotal role in nurturing this aspect of the partnership, guaranteeing employment, professional fulfilment and workplace wellbeing.

The partnership between Youth Projects and Staff Australia has become a beacon of hope and opportunity for young people who are looking for work. Through informative sessions, personalised support, and a commitment to holistic wellbeing, it has transformed the lives of countless individuals.

This partnership is a testament to what can be achieved when organisations work together with a shared vision of empowerment and growth – and it continues to be a source of inspiration for everyone involved.

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