21 lucky customers attended the Five Bridges job club event with NRL legend Joel Thompson and Henry in particular walked away feeling incredibly inspired by the yakka.

In a recent interview Joel shared that after suffering multiple injuries over the years and overcoming the lows that come with those recoveries he has learned that nothing in life comes easy and opportunities should not be taken for granted:

“I have a passion to give back to the community and help others create a healthier mindset in order to reach their potential and live happier lives. I have also learnt that to get where you want to be and to reach your goals requires commitment and determination. I have learnt the importance of breaking the cycle in order to make something of myself for my children’s future.”

The impact for Henry

Henry is a Five Bridges customer who works closely with mentors to address barriers to sustainable employment and the team felt that spending time with Joel could be the opportunity of a lifetime.
They were right – Henry was inspired because he could relate to what Joel was sharing, from childhood memories of life with a strict grandmother, to feelings of not fitting in, and the mindset needed to succeed when the odds are not in your favour.

Henry’s recruitment consultant Lena says there was a real feeling of hope in the room and everyone there was moved by the clear impact Joel’s words had on the people who attended.

The Five Bridges Job Club event

As well as a talk from Joel customers were shown current vacancies and assisted with resumes and applications. Since then, most have attended interviews, and many have started work in the new roles they found at this event.

Next up for Five Bridges

Having witnessed firsthand Joel’s impact on customers the team are partnering with him on some exciting upcoming employment initiatives including Rail Opportunities, a six to eight week program that covers mental fitness, financial literacy, and health and safety.

The program ends with a qualification, employment and an Indigenous mentor to support customers in their new role – and the first round will be exclusively Five Bridges customers.

Next up for Henry

The best news here: Henry had planned to join Rail Opportunities but secured a new role through the job club event and is now working in a new job that he enjoys.

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