Customer success story: Herbert found his Voice and his vocation

07 August 2023

Customer success story: Herbert found his Voice and his vocation

CoAct Connect customer Herbert joined the Ready Set Go program, with guest presenter AFL legend Simon Black.

The Ready Set Go program

The Ready Set Go Program is designed to encourage people who have lost confidence to believe in themselves again by teaching them the skills they need to find sustainable employment.
The program includes funding for transport to get there and modules on coping at work, confidence at work, keeping fit for work, connecting at work, and staying motivated at work. The benefits of exploring them in a group setting include:

  • becoming a support network for each other
  • encouraging, sharing and workshopping ideas for improving difficult situations
  • reinforcing that ‘you’re not alone’
  • talking and listening to others can help to put your own challenges into perspective.

Meet Herbert

Herbert found the Ready Set Go program after a failed attempt at auditioning for The Voice. He’s been singing for almost 55 years at weddings and celebrations (and we’re told he has the voice of Louis Armstrong) so he was feeling a little low and disillusioned when he “lucked out” and the whirlwind ride came to a sudden stop.

When Herbert shared his feelings with his recruitment partner at CoAct Connect Stones Corner she simply said, “you need to meet Simon Black” – and the rest is history.

Herbert’s experience on the five-day Ready Set Go program

Simon Black is a former Australian rules football player, and current assistant coach, who played with the Brisbane Lions in the AFL. As well as stories of success Simon was also able to share stories of overcoming setbacks, challenges, “failures and achievements, and how to keep going for your goals” says Herbert.

Explaining that along with information, training and new skills like “how to interview, how to write a better resume, how to get suited up and dress to impress”, Herbert says the main thing he took away from the course was motivation: “Simon really motivated me to achieve again and to reach the original goals I set for myself about what I wanted to do.”

Next up for Herbert

Next up Herbert has his eye on a role at a nearby aged care centre. He formally trained as a nurse so this will be going back to his roots. It’s a dream he parked for a little while but, after the Ready Set Go course, he feels like he can take on the world again.

When we ask Herbert what he would say to someone who has the chance to do a course like this, Herbert says “tell them to call me, I’ll tell them how great it was, I’m so glad I did it.”

We won’t get you to call Herbert but if you’re looking for a new job and figuring out what to do next come and find out more about how CoAct can help you.

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