CoAct has proven their unique approach to helping jobseekers is a winner. The leading not-for-profit provider has been awarded multiple licences to deliver the Australian Government’s new Workforce Australia program. 


CoAct’s new employment program will be delivered on the ground by seven high quality, community embedded service partners across Queensland and Sydney. Workforce Australia replaces the government’s current jobactive program, which has been completely overhauled to better meet the needs of long-term unemployed jobseekers. 


CoAct CEO, Matt Little, says the program changes are some of the most significant in the sector’s 25-year history. It will see more intensive, tailored support directed to the most disadvantaged jobseekers. 


“Workforce Australia is not jobactive 2.0. Providers will have much smaller caseloads and work intensively with those furthest from the job market. This is where CoAct has always excelled, and we look forward to expanding our service to help even more Australians.” 


“While recent unemployment figures paint a positive picture, jobseekers with complex barriers to work still face challenges finding and keeping a job. This is where we come in.” 


CoAct’s new service offering will focus on helping the long-term unemployed and those with other complex barriers, as well as providing specialist Indigenous and public housing services. Delivering Workforce Australia services in 71 local communities, this result will also see CoAct open its doors in four new regions – Brisbane Southeast, Gold Coast, Darling Downs, and Sydney North and West. 


Mr Little said the expansion of CoAct’s service delivery recognises the network’s exceptional service and results in delivering employment services. CoAct and its service partners have helped 45,000 people into work or training through the jobactive program since it began in July 2015. 


“CoAct and its partners are excited about these profound changes and the ability to do things differently and innovate – something we’ve never shied away from. CoAct and our partners are well placed to deliver this new program, having demonstrated success in our unique, customer-centric service delivery model.” 


“This achievement also highlights the power of community-based not-for-profits collaborating – something we’ve done for almost 25 years. This result demonstrates real confidence in our model. One hundred per cent of our bid partners were successful in securing new Workforce Australia contracts, despite significant sector upheaval. Additionally, two new organisations entered the Workforce Australia market through partnering with CoAct.” 


CoAct is unique in the sector. They are a network of community-based not-for-profits, all working together to deliver employment services. The network is the only of its kind in the government-funded employment services space and gives its competitors – many larger and for-profit organisations – a run for their money. 


“By working as a network of like-minded not-for-profits, CoAct and our service partners magnify the impact we make to those most in need. Together we leverage innovation, expertise and commitment to deliver exceptional results. We also reduce the cost of delivering employment services through the efficiency of scale. This leads to better results for both our customers and partners, and it reduces risk.” 


“Our vision is to build communities where everyone can reach their potential through meaningful employment. The people we nurture, the expertise we grow and the programs we deliver take us closer to this future.” 


CoAct and their service partners will start delivering Workforce Australia from 1 July 2022. Service partners include long-time CoAct members BUSY At Work, Community Solutions and IMPACT Community Services. CoAct also welcomes its new Workforce Australia service partners Ability Options, Five Bridges and Indigenous Workstars. For more information about the program visit 


CoAct and their service partners will start delivering Workforce Australia from 1 July 2022. Image source: CoAct


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