A Bridge to Work

CoAct in partnership with Bridge Housing – an award-winning Community Housing Provider in metropolitan Sydney, has recently launched an innovative new employment program, called Bridge to Work. The program is available to Bridge Housing tenants who want to find a job or improve their work situation, giving them access to CoAct’s range of employment services.


Cholok’s story

After migrating to Australia from Sudan, Cholok was having difficulty finding part-time employment. A Bridge Housing tennant, Cholok was able to seek job search support through the Bridge to Work program. Cholok was very enthusiastic and hardworking but because of her limited work experience, lacked self-confidence. After meeting with Cholok and being won over by her attitude, enthusiastic personality and attention to detail, her Employment Support Coordinator, Gavin, identified her strengths, interests and potential employment opportunities.


Confidence and support

Gavin helped Cholok develop her resume and provided some valuable support to boost her confidence. He also approached Cholok’s previous employer with whom she had worked with on a contract basis. With Gavin and Bridge to Work’s support, Cholok was successful in renegotiating a new contract with Lush Cosmetics!

Cholok is currently working in the Lush production warehouse on a three-month contract, and she’s hoping to secure a permanent role with the company once the contract is up. Her team leader is thrilled with her performance so far and says that Cholok is on track to receive a three-month extension of her contract when the time comes. Cholok is excited to be working at Lush again and hopes to move into retail sales in front of house at a Lush store. She says she hopes to eventually move into a supervisor role. Gavin says that she has been the ideal candidate and they are sure she will continue to succeed in her ambitions.

“I’m so grateful for the support I have received, the team went above and beyond to help me, sometimes even meeting after hours to help me in my job search.”

When asked what advice he would give others looking for work, Employment Support Coordinator, Gavin, says just to start where you are. “We all have to start right where we are. Reach out to old employers if you can and don’t be afraid to ask for help”.


Get support to find the right job sooner

If you’re a job seeker looking to find work, contact CoAct today to find out how we can help. We have individualised job search programs and a support team ready to assist you in finding the right job sooner, no matter your circumstances.

For more information on the Bridge to Work program, click here.

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