The success of the program comes down to the hardworking case managers, who put so much time and effort into working closely with Bridge Housing and job seekers, no matter the stage of their employment.

The real success story from this program is how much support it has provided to the individuals involved. The participants are guided with different tools and tips to guide them on their job seeker journey including identifying their goals, preparing their CVs, helping them to become job ready and identifying work opportunities and support them through the interview process.

Thanks to this program, job seekers have secured work in industries such as tourism, manufacturing, aviation, waste management and the not-for-profit sector. Others were inspired to seek further training or study.

Bridge Housing CEO John Nicolades said:

“It’s great to see how Bridge to Work has proven that if you can help create a “foot in the door” for people who have typically struggled to secure sustainable work, then employers will recognise their potential value to their businesses,”

“We are delighted with the success that Bridge to Work has already seen in creating life and economic opportunities for our residents and in building their confidence, skills and self-esteem in the job market and beyond.”

Over the past 15-months, Bridge to Work has assisted over 80 people, with approximately half of these participants securing employment or setting themselves up to finding the right job by undertaking further study.

Bridge to Work successfully engaged women and people with disabilities in employment and study opportunities and saw benefits for job seekers from culturally diverse backgrounds, mature age candidates and carers. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many participants noting that they have increased their confidence and motivation and highly recommend the program to others who struggle with their confidence.

The program was independently evaluated by social research specialists Inca Consulting in December 2019. Bridge Housing will continue its partnership with CoAct for the three-year life of the program.One great example of success is Karleen’s story. Karleen was a mature age job seeker who secured employment as a cultural educator with Tribal Warrior Cultural Cruises.

She says:

“The program uplifted me. I now wake up every day knowing I ‘ve got something to do. It’s a wonderful program and it’s great that it’s part of housing,”

“People will be more comfortable going to A Bridge to Work because they’re already dealing with Bridge Housing. It’s not so daunting. They encourage you. They listen.”

Watch Karleen’s story.

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