On Thursday, 27th of February we were very fortunate to invite local employer Katie Weisse, Talent Acquisition Specialist from Aurizon to speak at the Jobs Rockhampton event at Frenchville Sports Club. At the event, Katie talked about her experiences employing people with disability, and how with the help of Community Solutions, it has opened-up some amazing opportunities.


On the right track to a diverse workplace

Promoting and instilling diverse workplaces is easier said than done as there are hidden perception around hiring someone with disability, one being that it is just too hard.

Katie Weisse, Talent Acquisition Specialist from Rockhampton local employer Aurizon, has a differing opinion and believes that Aurizon are on the right track to changing these perceptions and is encouraging other local businesses to get onboard.

Ms Weisse has worked for Aurizon for over 13 years, hiring and training job seekers into meaningful employment. She first came across Community Solutions over three years ago, and soon after started the journey of employing disability job seekers.

Katie Weisse, Talent Acquisition Specialist Aurizon

Locals helping locals

After meeting with Debra O’Mara, local Recruitment Partner for Community Solutions Rockhampton, Ms Weisse was amazed with the opportunities that were presented to her.

“When I first came to Community Solutions, I soon found out that I was really missing out on so much potential.

It really opened my eyes to how much job seekers with disability can bring to the workplace and it’s since motivated me to change stereotypes not only within Aurizon but within the community,”

Ms Weisse said.

“I think that by employing people with disabilities, has really opened up not only my own eyes, but the eyes of Aurizon as a company – I believe that we’re onto something good here and I would encourage other local businesses to follow suit.” 


Most employers think that by hiring someone with a disability comes hidden costs and frankly too much work, but by working with one of our local service providers like Community Solutions, the transition into the workplace for not only job seekers but employers can be easy.

Ms Weisse said:

“I loved the resources and support that Community Solutions provided. It allowed us to set job seekers up for success, and made the transition into the workplace smooth.

It’s really important that employers are able to facilitate the needs of job seekers and provide them with a workplace that is safe and inviting and Community Solutions bridges that gap by giving you the resources, tips and support to both.”

Ms Weisse encourages other Rockhampton businesses in the area who are looking for job seekers, to speak to an employment expert at Community Solutions Rockhampton to find out what opportunities might be waiting for them.

“I feel Aurizon’s journey has only just begun and I hope that other employers in the Rockhampton area, change their perceptions of hiring someone with disability, because we did and we will never go back,” Ms Weisse said.


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